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Ask for details about Counseling at your location? 

No judgement. Ever.  I understand the importance of having a safe, open, space were you can express yourself, repair and discover deeper levels of functioning? I work with a broad spectrum of issues, and people from all walks of life, blended families and relationships, parenting, issues of aging, life transitions, anger, depression, race or identity. -Miles

*Men’s Issues

*Teen & Parent Conflict



*Trauma and PTSD *

*Life Transitions

*Living with Chronic Illness & Pain


*Anger Issues



*Transracial Adoptions

*Multi-Racial/ Cultural Families



*Individual, Family, or Group clinical counseling & case management

*Addiction & Recovery Supportive Therapies - Individuals & Groups

*Psychosocial Assessments


*Issues of Race & Marginalization

*Disability Accommodation

*Organizational Assessments (to gauge workforce morale & motivation)

*Organizational Team Building

*Workplace Intervention & Wellness


*Interracial Relationships

*Premarital Counseling – PREPARE & ENRICH Certified Facilitator

*Relationships/Couples Communication
*Relationship Crisis (infidelity, divorce, death of child, bankruptcy, domestic violence) 
*Sexual Communication between partners

*Career Evaluation Tools

*College & Other Options

* Resilience Building

Clinical Counseling

Care Inspections let you, KNOW your loved ones are recieving competent and appropriate treatment












Clinical Counseling & Case Management

































Marriage and Relationship Issues 











Professional Coaching







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