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Giving Back

"Given the context of the world in which we all live, I feel obligated to be a part of collective efforts to provide all kids and families with opportunities to connect, then share in a safe, open, and respectful manner the complexity of emotions they have about all that has, and is occurring around them." 

~ Miles

Its About All of Us, Please Get Involved!

We need your help initiating a collective effort to bridge social, civil, familiar & communal gaps in communication and connection.  We need your support in making my effort at public service a reality. Our passion however does not match our wallet.


100% of all funds donated will be used to cover the cost of hosting/supporting group forums & community based organizations or events. Donors can track all amounts spent and what organization benefited from this page. (updated within 24 hours of transaction)

Connect | Share| Repair GoFundMe Ledger

Our Mission in two (2) objectives:

1) We will host/participate in free group forums designed to provide a safe, respectful, open oppurtunities for sharing experiences, for support and healing, and for accountability and change.. Everyone is welcome that is willing to contribute by offering; their voice, time, influence, professional services, financial or other resources in support of this community group forum; Connect, Share & Repair.

2) We will participate in and support community outreach efforts materially and financially by fund-raising, conducting outreach, & providing limited pro-bono consultative services to identified client populations in attendance. We will partner with local organizations to support their mission and open oppurtunities for community connections.

Tell us about your event so we can help or bring your passion for teaching, sharing, learning and connecting to our group volunteer staff. We need help in all areas: 

Speakers, Counseling | Private Sector | Public Sector Professionals | Teachers | Students

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