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In-Home Services available Winter 2016

(check back for details)

*Integrated In-Home Behavioral & Medical Health Services

*Individual, Family, or Group clinical counseling & case management

*Psychosocial Assessments

These services are for individuals whose mental and/or physical condition makes it extremely difficult or impossible to access traditional outpatient behavioral health services.

CAC Behavioral Health Services provides unique out-reach home-based behavioral health services to our clients. Our programs are based in the client’s home, where we are able to reach and enrich the lives of those who would not typically be able to access these valuable resources.


These programs provide care to individuals with severe and persistent mental health issues, those who are in need of geriatric crisis intervention and consultation, and support for unpaid caregivers and service connections to community senior resources.


We provide behavioral health services to homebound adults who live in their own homes, adult family homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Our clinicians have extensive experience and training working with adults and older adults with psychiatric disabilities, medical illnesses or physical disabilities. Our masters-level therapists conduct home visits to assess and treat mental health problems.

  Turn Shame into


In-Home Mental Health services include:


  • Assessment and Diagnosis

  • Individual/Family Therapies

  • Case Management services to help access community resources 

  • Coordination of mental health treatment with other medical care

  • Transition to outpatient mental health services

  • Crisis referral

Eligibility criteria for In-Home Mental Health

  • Adults over the age of 18

  • Mental health issue such as depression, dementia, anxiety, mania, hallucinations or delusions 

  • Home-bound due to a medical or psychiatric disorder 

  • Individual and/or power of attorney/guardian agreement to services 


  • Alcohol or substance abuse as the primary problem (contact the Alcohol Drug 24-hour Helpline at 1.866.789.1511 or 1.800.562.1240). 

  • Individual does not agree and does not have a power of attorney/guardian

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