Skilled Nursing Procedures

*start Winter 2016

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  Helping you Learn to Care for


  • Assessment & Planning

  • Personalized Wellness Program

  • Pre/Post-Surgical Consults

  • Nurse checkins (existing clients only)

  • Transitional Care Assessments (Help after a hospital or rehab stay or surgery)

  • Workplace Intervention and Wellness Assessments (Drug Screenings)

Teaching/Trainings                      booking now...


  • Womens Health Issues (new moms; teens; grandmoms)

  • Sex-STI Prevention

  • Caregiver Teaching (Chronic Illness/Disease Self-management & Understanding)

  • Chronic Illness/Disease Self-management

  • CPR/First Aid BLS

  • Medical Equipment Education

  • CHF/COPD Monitoring

  • Diabetic Teaching

  • Understanding Medications/Medication Regimen

  • Specific Procedures

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • Enteral/Parenteral Feedings

  • Incontinence, Bowel/Bladder Training

Skilled Procedures

begin Winter 2016

  • Treatment of Symptoms

  • Specialized Wound Care

  • IM/SQ/ID injections

  • Insulin Injections

  • B12 Injections

  • Ostomy Care

  • Foley Catheter Care

  • Gastrostomy Tube Care

  • Tube Feeding

Assessments & Wellness Checks                   get answers now....


  • Comprehensive Quality of Care Inspections (Nursing homes, Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers, Assisted living, Clinics)

  • Individual or Family Medical Assessments

  • Post-Acute Follow-up

  • Client Follow-up Checkins

  • New Diagnosis

  • Transitional Care Assessments (Help after a hospital or rehab stay or surgery)

  • Medication Adjustments

  • Respiratory Changes/Initiation of Oxygen

  • Traumatic Event Recuperation

  • Chronic Pain & Chronic Illness Management Therapies 

Take advantage of the Rare opportunity to schedule your loved one for a Personal Wellness Assessment with both a licensed Registered Nurse Consultant and Marriage and Family Therapist in


One visit.





Care Inspections let you, KNOW your loved ones are recieving competent and appropriate treatment

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